My two cents: Canucks @ Avalanche post-game

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Opportunistic, or just downright lucky?  The Canucks may have bested the playoff-hungry Avs, but it was Colorado who deserved the victory in the tilt.

Vancouver has been accused of showing signs of complacency.  Matched up against a team on the bubble, it certainly showed.

For much of the game, it was all Colorado.  They were the ones dominant down low, along the halfboards, in special teams (what a monster shift by Ryan O’Byrne killing off the 5-on-3 at a crucial time); heck, with the cycle that they had going, one would’ve thought they had somehow engineered their own unit of android Sedin brothers.

To their credit, the Canucks slowly picked it up and fought back from two goals down.  It was nice seeing MayRay picking up his second goal and third point in two games.  Chris Higgins was opportunistic, scoring on both of his only two shots.  [Highlights here]

Seeing the likes of Landeskog, Downie and Mcginn fending off the Canucks at has certainly set off a few alarm bells in this fan’s head though.  Henrik Sedin was invisible 5-on-5, and the Canucks powerplay looked plain lost without Daniel.  The Canucks were half a step behind for most of the first two periods, had no real jump, and couldn’t establish any real sustained pressure in the offensive zone.

Of the seven games left before the playoffs, four of these matchups are against teams on the post-season cusp (Calgary twice, LA once and Colorado once more), and the likelihood that Vancouver faces one of these teams in the first round is extremely high.  The time to build momentum is now.  Here’s hoping the Canucks pick it up starting against the Kings on Tuesday, Melbourne time.

(Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images)


Chris Lee

Chris Lee

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  • At least they are getting better. I was doubtful when they didn’t capitalise on the 5 on 3. But came back well. My main concern is, the guys being paid the most have gone missing.

    • Chris Lee

      Of the big guns, Kesler was probably the only one who responded immediately after they got into the initial hole…although he perhaps tried a little too hard to hit beast mode and did a bit too much at times.