5 ways to keep up with daily Vancouver Canucks news from abroad

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

As fellow overseas Canucks fans, we’ve all shared the frustrated of realising how difficult it is to keep up with the latest happenings with the team and around the NHL.

Having shared your experiences, here are just some ways you can keep up to date (even up to the second!) with the latest Vancouver Canucks stories and breaking news.

* Disclaimer: the below aren’t paid plugs…they are what I genuinely use on a day-to-day basis, and I hope they can help you to get your hockey fixes!


1. TSN.ca/NHL (free)

The bare minimum.  Despite the slight east-coast bias, TSN still provides great content for the average Canucks fan abroad, especially with their library of highlights, pre-game commentary and post-game analysis, updated daily.  The wealth of insight provided by the likes of Bob Mckenzie, Darren Dreger, Pierre LeBrun and more is unrivalled.



2. Subscribe to NHL Gamecenter (paid subscription / PPV)

This subscription service is as good as it gets in terms of watching games from overseas.  Barring the rare blackout, you can watch every game live online (through your team’s home feed) throughout the regular season and playoffs.  On top of this, you get replays (2-3 mins), condensed games (~10 mins), as well as historical games going waaaaay back to the ’94 cup run and further.  It costs ~$170USD for the season (which is then discounted after the season’s mid-way point), but you can pay per month or even by game.  More than worth it…I certainly do not regret signing up!



3. Subscribe to The Hockey News digital edition (paid subscription / per issue)

Arguably the best print/digital hockey periodical out there.  A new edition comes out every couple of weeks, and each edition always provides a new perspective of the game.  Subscribing over Zinio (@zinio), you can then either read it online, or download the iOS/Android app for mobile viewing.  The draft previews and special editions are always interesting!  It costs $48.38AUD for 30 issues.



4. Follow on Facebook / YouTube / Instagram / Twitter (free)

Luckily for us fans abroad, the Vancouver Canucks have one of the better online presences amongst all NHL teams.  The new Timeline layout on the Canucks website features not only your regular content updates, but also incredible photos and pieces of merchandise since the team’s inception in 1970.  On Twitter, the always-entertaining Derek Jory will provide you with a play-by-play of sorts on @canucksgame, and limited highlights are uploaded during the game on the semi-official CanucksHD YouTube channel.  The Canucks are also on Instagram (@canucks) if that suits your fancy.  Don’t forget to follow other hockey personalities online outside of the Canucks: @BizNasty2point0 (Paul Bissonnette of the Phoenix Coyotes) is a must for pure comedic value on Twitter.

Oh, and shameless plug for @VanCanucksOz!

[Facebook | CanucksHD | Instagram | @canucksgame]


5. Become a Twitter power-user: organise your feed with lists! (free)

One of the most powerful – yet under-utilised – features of Twitter is the ability to organise your feed into lists.  Here is a tutorial on how to do it.  Grouping all the hockey feeds you follow into one list means that you get concentrated doses of pure hockey news…incredibly useful come trade deadline and July 1 each year.  Combining this with Tweetdeck columns means that you stay up to date – to the second – with all the latest Canucks happenings!

[Lists tutorial | Tweetdeck]


Do you use any of the above channels?  Are there any that we’ve missed?  Leave your comments below!

(Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

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Chris Lee

Chris Lee

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Chris Lee


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  • Nice roundup Chris! Can you confirm that our NHL Center Ice packages cover the full playoffs run as well??

    • Hi Masey! Playoffs are indeed included. Here is the response from the Gamecenter Live support team to my query:

      “All Playoff games in the US and Canada are blacked out due to national tv broadcasting rights. If you are outside of these two countries the Playoffs are included.”

      As I said above, well worth it for sure…although I guess it depends on your internet speeds at home. I have cable at home; combined with the PS3 app, it basically feels like you’re watching CBC in Vancouver!

    • Chris Lee

      Hi Masey!  Playoffs are indeed included.  Here is the response from the Gamecenter Live support team to my query:
      “All Playoff games in the US and Canada are blacked out due to national tv broadcasting rights. If you are outside of these two countries the Playoffs are included.”

      Hope that helps!

      • Brilliant! Thanks mate. Appreciate it!

  • Would anyone know if Fox Sports Australia or ESPN Australia would show the Stanley Cup finals in Australia? And if they do, I wounder which feed will they take, CBC Hockey Night in Canada’s feed or NBC’s feed, or the NHL’s in-house’s feed? I may have the Canadian hockey fan anti-American bias, but I would prefer HNIC’s broadcasts.

    • VanCanucksOz

      They mostly likely will and have thus far used all American feeds. Last year it was VS this year will be NBC. If you want CBC out here get NHL Gamecenter or subscribe to a VPN and stream from the CBC’s website.

  • Richard Atterbury

    Great article! I’m going to use the NHL live center subscription next season, have you tried it on iphone/ipad at all?

    • Hi Richard. We have NHL Gamecenter Live subscriptions. I have it on Apple TV, Boxee, iPhone and Android. Works very well on iPhone and Apple TV. Boxee is the best for TV watching. Android also fares quite well. It is well worth the subscription price. So much so I have no need for Foxtel anymore.

      • Richard Atterbury

        Cheers for the reply! I’m aware that you can also get the app on Playstation 3 if you have a North American psn account. I happen to have one so I’m going to try that out as well. 

        • Chris Lee

          Hi Richard, we do the same thing at home…just pick a Starbucks somewhere as the address or something, works like a treat!

  • Team 1040AM radio live streaming if nothing else