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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

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You know how most teams (actually scrap that) you know how great teams have fanatical supporters?

No not the ones that wear the team clothes everywhere. Not the ones who wear the team logo as a badge on their suit’s lapels and as much as they are to be respected, not the ones who attend every game.

I’m talking about the ones who take it to a whole new level. Ones who are famous in their league and even better, those who are world famous. The one’s who truly contribute to the image of the team.

The Vancouver Canucks are lucky to have fans in the top calibre.

The Green Men, Sully and Force are well known around the NHL and they take it up a notch by being known in a country that barely has any ice and barely knows what ice hockey is, Australia.

Yes, Sully and Force are known by non-hockey fans down under. Last year I had a colleague say to me:

“The Canucks; are they the ones that have those green guys doing hand stands?”

“Yes, yes they are”  I said stunned.

The Green men are global!

The sense of humour and athletic ability displayed is sensational. If I wasn’t so scared of falling down from the top level of the MCG, i’d do handstands on seats as well.

Personally what I think makes them the ultimate fans are their ability to get prime seats for a lot of game. These are expensive NHL seats, not the $17.50 we pay for a game of AFL over here.

Finally something we can all resonate with. Aren’t we disappointed when the camera goes into the penalty box and Sully and Force aren’t there. Furthermore I am even more disappointed when there is no one in the seats at all, half expecting a green head to appear, just for the lulz.

As they are saying over at Fort Nucks

It’s time the Green Men were recognized for being more than green men.

It’s time to enshrine Force and Sully into ESPN’s Hall of Fans.

I agree wholeheartedly.

It’s time!

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Images: Fort Nucks, Yahoo

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