Green light for Australian Junior Ice Hockey League

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

The AIHL announced the arrival of the Australian Junior Ice Hockey League over Facebook today.  Not much was revealed, other than it will run side-by-side with the AWIHL this summer.

An article on the Ice Hockey Victoria site (pastebin here since there’s no permalink) reveals that it was created in compliance with IIHF requirements; however, it certainly doesn’t take away from the significance of this announcement.  A quick summary of the post:

  • First games of the new AJIHL to be held at Icehouse on 20-21 Oct 2012, for players aged 16-20 years
  • Currently two Victorian teams, two teams from NSW and possibly two WA teams, with games to be played in VIC & NSW
  • The two Victorian teams will be the Red Wings and the Blackhawks, both to wear the Original Six jerseys
  • Try-outs will be held this Saturday 22 October at Icehouse at 7pm, and applications for roles behind the bench are also open

What a huge step for the sport in Australia! It will certainly be interesting to see what this new competition brings.  Maybe in 5-10 years time, we’ll finally get to see the first Australian go up on the board at the NHL Entry Draft…

Keep an eye out right here on Vancouver Canucks Australia, we’ll keep you updated with the latest!

Closing note: horrible personal memories of the Red Wings and Blackhawks aside, I’m not a big fan of using NHL jerseys in our competition. We have so much creative hockey jersey talent (several just in Melbourne alone) that we couldn’t get our own designs?

Image via csztova.

Chris Lee

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