AJIHL Teams Announced

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

The AIHL has announced the teams for the new Australian Junior Ice Hockey League (AJIHL)

  • Sydney Lightning
  • Melbourne Blackhawks
  • Sydney Maple Leafs
  • Melbourne Redwings

Ice Hockey Australia hope to add more teams after the inaugural season.

AJIHL games will be played at Melbourne’s Medibank Icehouse, and Western Sydney’s Penrith Ice Palace.

I have to be honest. I am really disappointed with the names. There could have been some good creativity here and Australianised it, like the farm teams in North America.

Just throwing it out there but I can’t see what Maple Leafs have to do with Sydney. How about Sharks? At least Sydney has Sharks…

But hey, what do I know?

In the end the formation of the league is a fantastic initiative and one that will see the growth of hockey in Australia.

Let us know your thoughts.

Images: Debra Jean Photograpghy & IHA

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  • The Blackhawks is not just some random rip-off of the Chicago Blackhawks. It is surely a nod (or even a direct connection) to the Blackhawks club that was formed in Melbourne in 1947. I think it’s an excellent recognition of this proud club.

    Less sure about the Maple Leafs … perhaps it has a corresponding link to a local club in Sydney. If not, then how about the Wattle Leafs?

    • According to a post by Andrew McDowell (AJIHL Asst Commissioner), the two Victorian teams “will be wearing Original NHL colours and strip”.
      http://icehockeyvictoria.org.au/ Although I guess the colours are kind of similar.

      It would’ve been a great idea to name them in honour of the local clubs, almost as a bridge between the regular competition and the pro league…

  • Tanner One

    The names are really bad imo.
    All i see is a lack of originality or effort.
    Why not a massive link to proud clubs of each respective City? the clubs that have been around for decade?

    As well as the NHL strips etc, im sorry, but this is a huge missed opportunity.

    • We are with you there Tanner. Hopefully next season there will be a rethink.