Can you support another Canadian Team (even briefly?)

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Before I became truly immersed in hockey – by virtue of spending 15 months in Vancouver on a working holiday visa – I took a passing interest in the game. It was easily the most enjoyable of the professional North American sports to watch. I used to follow the results from home and usually hoped to see the Canadian teams beating the American Teams. I think this flowed from the fact that most Australians find it easier to relate to Canada then the US. What with the Commonwealth, Queen and all.

It was a real eye-opener for me when I reached Canada and saw the dislike that fans have for other teams. I really shouldn’t have been surprised, it is sport after all. However, when it really hit home was during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That year it was the 2005/2006 season (the first after the season long lockout). Edmonton took Carolina to 7 games in the Stanley Cup Finals. Friends of mine who were diehard Vancouver fans couldn’t bring themselves to support Edmonton even though no Canadian Team had won the Stanley Cup since Montreal in 1993.

r359102_1654981This surprised me. As a proud South Australian, my first love is Australian Rules Football and (don’t hold it against me, but) I am a Port Adelaide fan. My dislike of the Adelaide Crows is well known to those who know me. However come finals, would I rather see a South Australian team lord it over the Victorians? Of course I would. I am sure it is the same for Victorians, unless of course the Victorian team is Collingwood.

Sure it’s fun to beat up on the other Canadian Teams, and nothing beats a win in their own stadium. But if it comes down to a finals series between Toronto and Chicago, or Calgary and New York, or Edmonton and Pittsburgh, etc., etc.

Does your allegiance to the Canucks influence your decision, and can you support another Canadian Team, even for seven games?

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  • kevinnz

    Yes you can support another Canadian team as long as its an original six team

  • Melbourne Canuck

    Vancouver are kind of the Collingwood of Canada. I usually try to go with the most Canadian player heavy team outside the Canucks(who have about 3 Canadians) or the team playing the team that knocked the Canucks out of the playoffs

  • jsmoo1

    My husband is a massive Oilers fan and I count them as my second team…the only time I don’t support them is when they’re playing Vancouver. I also quite like the Habs, I guess it again comes from knowing some supporters as they’re my father-in-law and bro-in-laws team. I was stoked when the Jets came back and I always love it when any Canadian team beats the US teams. Strangely enough, I don’t even hate the Flames (…..yeh ok, maybe a little bit). Bit disappointed with the realignment meaning we’ll never meet the Oilers in a conference final but I don’t think I could deal with my husbands heartbreak when Van won anyway so probably for the best!