Hello Canucks OZ!

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Hello all Canucks in OZ!

My name is Sarah. I am new to Vancouver Canucks Australia, but definitely not new to being a Canucks fan. I do not live in Austalia, but in Vancouver. Rumor has it you all are as crazy about the Canucks as myself. Some where along the way this game called hockey captured me, heart & soul. Once I was in, it was all in and there was no looking back. Why commit only halfway? Some of my favourite Canuck moments include:

  • Pavel Bure‘s 1994 game 7 OT goal against the Calgary Flames that helped catapult the Canucks on their run to the Finals.
  • Markus Naslund‘s, Brendan Morrison’s, and Todd Bertuzzi‘s WEST COAST EXPRESS moments
  • The TRIPLETS [Hank, Danny & Burrows] chemistry night in & night out. Those no look passes from the twins to each other and Burrows are ridiculously awesome!]
  • Burrows 2011 game 7 OT goal against the Chicago Blackhawks that finally knocked out Chicago for the first time in 3 straight years and catapulted the Canucks to their most recent trip to the Finals.
  • Bieksa’s 2011 double OT goal that sent the boys to the Finals.
  • Luongo making 72 saves for the win in qudruple OT in his playoff debut vs. the Dallas Stars in 2007.

These are just a few, I could go on and on. I look most forward to when the Canucks finally cross over to elusive barrier to clinch the championship. Every team has its turn and ours is coming!

A day in the life of a Canuck fan in this hockey crazed city begins with turning on the local news to hear whatever it is they are saying to set up the evening’s match[although sometimes they drive me crazy!]. Next its time to go to work and hear the buzz around the city surrounding the team and the game, perhaps talk stats with one or two people. After work means its time to get Canucked up[team colours & jersey on] and the only thing left is to watch the game!  In Vancouver, each Canucks victory is met with massive excitement which only grows as the playoffs draw nearer, and its extremely fun to be a part of when you actually get to go to Rogers Arena for a live game. There is something almost magical when the lights go down

Each loss[especially closer to the playoffs] gets the media spinning all kinds of ridiculous threads that tend to get rumors started and people begin to panic. It is hardly time to panic when you look at the standings, the Canucks sit in the top 3 in the west and are 8-2-0 in their last 10 games. They have 10 games left in this shortened season and how the Canucks play in the final 10 games will determine where they finish and who they will meet in round one. This is what we call the stretch drive to the playoffs, the time to put everything they have in to every game, time to get themselves into playoff mode so when playoffs begin they will be ready[ahem Ryan Kesler, that means you!].

The Canucks will take on the Phoenix Coyotes in their third and final game of their current home stand. They will look to extend their streak to a perfect 3-0-0 before heading out on the road. I know you will all be cheering in OZ & and we will be cheering right along side with you in Vancouver! #GoCanucksGo!

I am excited to join this team of Vancouver Canucks Australia & look forward to adding to your Canucks intel while also working on my personal Canucks blog. Perhaps you have stumbled across my blog “nucksaid”, if not stop by some time! [www.nucksaid.wordpress.com or on twitter @nucksaid]

I look forward to cheering & debating alongside you all as we watch how these last 10 games go down!

As is tradition in all my other posts, until next time, nuck said!


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