Daniel Sedin follows Henrik as Canucks Secure 3rd

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Daniel Sedin has climbed even higher in the Canucks history books!

He did not get the history making point against Dallas as I had hoped but he did indeed get that point & more in the game against Chicago (which let’s be honest…any time we take out the Hawks handily is awesome!)

The way Daniel achieved his history making point was even closer to that of Henrik than most people thought possible. Of course like everything else they have done together, this was yet another stepping stone.

Like his twin brother Henrik, Daniel achieved this point at home in front of the fans with an assist on a 2nd period goal in his 905TH career game. It seems absurd that they both achieved their milestone point in each of their 905th games, it is very poetic.

A little humour to this incredible achievement when asked about reaching this milestone: After the game Henrik was asked for his thoughts about Daniel passing Markus Naslund in overall points for the Canucks. Henrik thought it was a great moment he wanted to remind Daniel that he did it quicker. Henrik was right.

Daniel and Henrik Sedin both scored their record points in the 2nd period , however while Daniel’s point came at 11:37 of the 2nd period of his 905th career game, Henrik’s point came at 9:56 of of the 2nd period of his own 905th career game, exactly 1 minute and 41 seconds earlier.

The Canucks all-time scoring list is topped by the twins and will stay that way for a long time.

Just take a closer look at this beauty of a breakaway goal that Henrik sets up Daniel (as is almost always the case!) as well as that non-call that Duncan Keith was guilty of is included, but no matter how hard Keith slashed him, he couldn’t stop #22 from finding the back of the net!:

It was great to see a full 60 minute game from the Canucks.

This game against Chicago was exactly what the doctor ordered ahead of playoffs! Can you think of a team that the Canucks thrive bringing their best against other than those pesky Hawks?

I felt it was like watching the 2011 edition of the Canucks last night and I hope they repeat that effort in the final regular season games. If the Canucks can play the way they played in this game in their final two games, it would be a great warm up to the playoffs that are just a week away!

It sure has been great having Ryan Kesler back in the line-up, the Canucks have gone an impressive 5-2-1 in the 8 games since his return. Not too mention that the powerplay has been resuscitated with Kesler back on the first unit opening up options for the Sedins.

Kesler has also helped to improve the Canucks penalty kill. The Canucks will need their special teams to be in top form when the playoffs begin next week and as we all know, special teams have a way of determining games and series. It will be fun to see how Kesler helps this team in the post-season, as I feel he has returned to his former self and will soon be unleashing full-fledged beast mode. The edition of Derek Roy has also alleviated some of the pressure off of Kesler to always be the play maker.. Roy #15 has been solid in his first 10 games, helping the Canucks to a 7-2-1 record since he wa acquired at the trade deadline.

It’s beginning to look a lot like playoff time in Vancouver. At this moment the Canucks could play St.Louis, San Jose or Minnesota depending upon the final standings. Monday will feel like Christmas Eve as playoffs are set to begin Tuesday! I can hardly wait! The thing about the playoffs is that there are no guarantees, anything can happen and any team can be dangerous.

So, tell me any special playoff traditions that are similar/different/the same in Australia as any that some people have in Canada?

As always, until next time, nuck said.


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