Big Old Goal – Tribute to Roberto Luongo

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

After the schemozzle that was the goalie situation the past two seasons, and the shock of Cory Schneider being traded. What do we as Canucks fans have to do to get back in Roberto Luongo‘s good books?

Well a group of Canucks bloggers and fans got around the mic ‘we are the world’ style and sung themselves and Vancouver back into Luongo’s heart.

A very clever video.



This whole ordeal has gone completely out of hand
Slipped from our control just like grains of Florida sand
Cory Schneider’s gone now and Lu we need you back
Without you it’s a one-two punch of Ericsson and Lack

We wrote you a simple song
We know that we did you wrong
We booed you, we mistreated you, we rioted
Save us like you save the pucks
Come back, we are all Canucks
It’s a big old goal and we need you inside it

You wanted out — understandable, it was
But there was no escaping from the cap recapture clause
Mike Gillis tried to trade you, it didn’t go so well
Instead the place you find yourself is sucky contract Hell

We know that mentally you’re gone
And coming back might feel so wrong
When you can’t find the strength to carry on
Just find the strength to carry on

From the Youtube about page

“Big Old Goal” is a song of healing for NHL netminder Roberto Luongo. The Vancouver Canucks need Luongo now more than ever. But he’s put up emotional walls. How to tear them down?

With the power of music. Inspired by “We Are the World”, Vancouver hockey fans have come together — and for once, not to destroy, but instead, through song, to mend.

  • Produced by Harrison Mooney
  • Directed by Harrison Mooney and Mark Yuen
  • Cinematography by Mark Yuen
  • Edited by Steve Tan
  • “Big Old Goal” written by Harrison Mooney and Bryan Binnema
  • Mixed and mastered by Daniel Wagner
  • Additional mixing and mastering by James Wood and A.J. Buckley (Knock on Wood Studios)
  • Performed by Harrison Mooney, Daniel Wagner, Bryan Binnema, Jordan Bowman, Wyatt Arndt, Ryan Mance, Alix Wright, Steve May, Don Falconer, Christopher Reynolds, Aidan Brand, and James Wood.


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