It’s Nearly October

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Are you as ready in Oz as we are over here, for the season to finally be under way? Just ONE more week & the sport we all love to drive each other crazy debating back and forth returns!

I know the preseason has hardly lived up to most people’s expectations BUT remember these games are not an indication of how a team will do in the regular season. Preseason is targeted towards getting a look at prospects and for the first three games has featured a nearly complete rookie roster save a few veterans sprinkled in.

Only one game thus far has shown what this is capable of when a full NHL roster is dressed and they play a full 60 minute effort [versus Phoenix]. They have one last game versus New York to close out the preseason.

Regardless of what happens in the final preseason game, I urge you to remember that preseason records are in no way indicative of how a team will do in the regular season. So many people are already in panic mode due to the less the stellar record that the Canucks have posted through this current preseason. People forget that with a new coach, comes new defensive/offensive systems to learn and that takes a few games to develop; and preseason is not a fair view of the new systems as the Canucks have not dressed an NHL caliber lineup save two games[Phoenix/New York].

It is hardly time to panic yet. We have yet to see a complete roster play in the new Torts system, therefore have no way to judge just yet what that will look like long-term.

Let’s hope to see a full 60 minute effort as the Canucks look to close out their preseason with [hopefully] a WIN.

It’s a new year, new coach and time for this team to have a new start when the calendar turns to October. I don’t know about you, but I will be cheering loud and proud for this team all year round!

It has the feel like it could be a very good year: Luongo returning to #1[& top form as he looks to earn an Olympic roster spot], a FINALLY 100% healthy Ryan Kesler [#beastmode shall return!], a solid defensive core, the Sedins looking to lock in their final contracts [#forevercanucks], Pavel Bure retirement night, an OUTDOOR game [stadium really…but still awesome!], the Olympics, and of course there is always that one player who takes us by surprise [candidates: Hansen, Booth, Santorelli, Shinkaruk to name a few]. Whatever happens this season, it will be exciting to be a part of for the 82-game ride & you never what may happen come playoff time.

I look forward to hearing about how all of you #Canuckleheads down under enjoy the ups and downs of the season that will be. As always, until next time, nuck said.



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