2013-2014 Season Preview

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Vancouver Canucks Australia: Are you ready for the madness that comes with a full 82 game NHL season? October has arrived in full force, bringing with it the craze that is the NHL regular season!

Heading into the 2013-2014 season there are a few things to make a note of, in regards to the Canucks:

The Re-Alignment has been activated for this year, with a 4 division[2 conference] system. Every team will play each other at least 2 times throughout the season [at home and away]. The Canucks are in the newly named PACIFIC DIVISION with: Anaheim, Edmonton, Calgary, Phoenix, San Jose, and LA. In the last 7 years the Canucks have captured 6 division titles. This new division will be a different battle compared to years past, it will not be an easy race to the finish BUT it will be a fun battle to watch over the entirety of the year.

Let’s take a look at our new division!

Pacific Division:

  1. Anaheim Ducks – Getzlaf & company will look to build upon the strengths of last season and push themselves even further. The tandem of Hiller and Fasth combined with offense from the rest of the team will be key to their success.
  2. LA Kings – LA is team that no one should underestimate, and if you do just look at their success from the 2011-2012 season. If their defensive core & Quick stay healthy, LA will cause a lot of trouble for the opposition.
  3. San Jose Sharks – Either Marleau & Thornton step up their game OR leadership passes to Couture as the Sharks look for more post-season success.
  4. Calgary Flames – Calgary will be looking to overcome the loss of long-time captain Iginla & the retirement of Kipper as they hope to make a comeback to the playoffs.
  5. Edmonton Oilers – New coach Dallas Eakins and his massively talented young core will push to get back to the playoffs and if their line can stay healthy, look out!
  6. Phoenix Coyotes – Phoenix will look to rebound from last year, and aim for the success they had during the 2011-2012 season.
  7. Vancouver CanucksUnder the guidance of John Tortorella, the Canucks look to push themselves over the hurdles that have held them back in previous years.

TORTS time! Its officially time for fans and media alike to embrace the John Tortorella era. For better or for worse. Torts may have checkered past in the media but it is something he is well aware that he needs to work on. I like the fact that the team has a coach who isn’t afraid to call it as he sees it and is passionate about the sport. He hates losing…don’t we all hate losing? Torts wants to help this team be better than they have been and to help them push past the hurdles that previously held them back. Am I saying that it will be an immediate success? No, but I’m not saying it will be a failure either. I say, let’s give Torts a chance to coach some real games before we cast the final judgements.

100% Healthy Ryan Kesler! Did you think it possible that Kesler would finally arrive at training camp ahead of the season 100 % healthy?[It’s been so long, there have been many doubters that he would ever be healthy!] Will we see #beastmode activated? I think its the first time in two years that its actually a possibility. Kesler spent the summer re-working his patented wrist shot and hopefully we see it executed many times throughout the season. There is a fire in Kesler’s eyes this year that has been missing and one that says he wants to prove all of the naysayers wrong. IF Kes can stay healthy for the majority of the season and not let the opponents get his head or his temper get the better of him, there’s no telling the amount of offense he will get. One thing I know, is that we will all enjoy watching him fight Daniel Sedin for the team’s leading goal scorer!

It is also time to accept the facts, Schneider is in New Jersey[all the best to him!] and LUUUUU is back as #1! Gone are the days of guessing which goal-tender will be the starter. It is time for the media and fans alike to start supporting Luongo rather than tear him down before he even has a chance to play a game. People seem to have forgotten that despite all the of the media driven drama of the last few years, Luongo is still an elite goal-tender with plenty to prove. Luongo will be looking to have a strong year not just to prove his critics wrong but also in an aim to gain an Olympic roster spot. Here’s to LUUUU having a great year and helping lead the team on an extended run in the spring!

The countdown is on! We are mere hours from puck drop! Hope many of you are able to watch the game tomorrow as the Canucks begin their season against the very team that ended their last one, the San Jose Sharks. The Canucks will have to play a disciplined game and score some goals to support the defense. It would be very nice to start the year with a victory:)!

As always, until next time, nuck said.


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