Vancouver Canucks Season Opening

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

The Vancouver Canucks organisation has done it again.

After a season which has bought big questions and change, the Canucks needed to do the amazing to get the fans feeling the love again.

One of the things adding to the overall effect is the LED filled stanchion. Fully networked to bring an amazing pre-game effect as well as goal effect, the whole rink lights up in unison. It is really something.

New Lights

The new Canucks opening video is nothing short of a total pump up. The cinematography gorgeous, Tortorella and the players looking like gods. You finish watching feeling unified as Canucks with the continuous chant “We are all Canucks”

Watch and enjoy.

Canucks 2013-14 Opening

Video from Fan who was there


Image: Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images from


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Myles Harris
Never quite liking Australian sport, Myles fell in love with Hockey when he fell in love with his Canadian. His first Canucks game sealed the deal. Myles loves this graceful hard arsed game and loves even more the only team in sports that can bring him to tears. We are all Canucks.
Myles Harris


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