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Monday, October 21st, 2013

There is something missing on twitter this year.

It’s not the bandwagoners, it’s not the Boston or Chicago trolls on the #Canucks hashtag. It’s not even the incredibly over dramatic fans that cry over a loss.

No. Unfortunately it’s our favourite Derek Jory from the Canucks twitter account @canucksgame.

Jory is still on the @VanCanucks twitter account, but the Derek we all know and love, the personality we hung out for, is on a holiday.

I really miss it. I miss the personality, I miss the atmosphere Derek conveyed, I miss the laughs. He got Canucks fans. He felt the pain with us. He was not out of touch and out of reach.

I learnt a lot from Derek. In my Australian hockey role as Digital and Media Manager for the Melbourne Mustangs, I based my twitter style on the Canucks with a splash of snark from the LA Kings. It comes naturally and it has paid off. The Mustangs are now unique. Now we communicate the experience and aura. Not just simply bring score updates.

Score updates are boring. They are of course yes, essential. But score updates on their own gives me no reason to keep going to the twitter account. It no longer makes the account THE place to go to.

We tweet as a community. We are all watching the stream, we can all see what is happening. What we hung out for was the Jory gold. Even last year, in the San Jose series, call me a numpty, but I really hoped the Jory jinx worked.

Sitting here in Australia, sometimes twitter is all I have. Canucks games are usually around lunch time, while I am at work. I’d love to put on Gamecenter but, it’s not good look and I can get loud.

Jory in the twitter world is also envied. His humour is brilliant and is lucky enough to be one of the rare few that tweets for a top team and has the talent to make it entertaining.

Why not utilize that talent?

I obviously have no idea why the account has gone into hibernation. All I can hope for is that one day, it will return.

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Myles Harris
Never quite liking Australian sport, Myles fell in love with Hockey when he fell in love with his Canadian. His first Canucks game sealed the deal. Myles loves this graceful hard arsed game and loves even more the only team in sports that can bring him to tears. We are all Canucks.
Myles Harris


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  • Jonathan Andrews

    totally agree. who needs score updates when your following the game already…

    • Myles Harris

      On a few different mediums too.

  • It’s true. I don’t know anyone else that loves popcorn as much… 🙁

    • Myles Harris

      I don’t like popcorn as much anymore. It’s just not the same.

  • Michael Garay

    Maybe Torts found Jory too narcissistic. I blame Gillis.

    • Myles Harris

      Shouldn’t they leave digital to people who have a clue about…digital?

    • bob

      what are you talking about, why would torts have influence over the canucks’ twitter guy?

    • Derek Jory

      If it’s narcissistic to think I’m king shit because I help run an NHL hockey team’s twitter account, than so be it. Now, where are my jesters? I need entertaining.

      • Myles Harris

        HAHA love it. As Big City Ken says on Jay and Dan “I hold power, always”

  • alison heather

    I totally agree! Also why wasn’t he on the last road trip? I miss his stories and Behind the Lens.

  • Derek Jory

    Thanks for the blog Myles and support from those who commented. It’s been a difficult transition going from one account to the other, but the “Jory gold” as you called it, is still here (I hope!!). Need to find my legs tweeting from the official account; @CanucksGame was hanging out with friends, whereas @VanCanucks is having dinner with dad. I’ll get there, give me a few more games!

    • Myles Harris

      Our pleasure, Derek.

      We know it’s not your making, but we just want our Jory back.

      Dinner’s are quite formal at your Dad’s house? #tuxedodresscodeatthejorys

      • Chris Lee

        They probably serve pommes frites and water from some exotic country and everything. #nomorepopcorn

        • Myles Harris

          and spell beef > Boeuf

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