Five Reasons to Love Eddie Lack

Friday, October 25th, 2013

You might not realise it based on how many people are still talking about him, but Cory Schneider has left Vancouver. This season the Canucks’ backup goalie spot is being filled by 25-year-old Swede Eddie Lack. I could tell you about his statistics or his on ice skills but I won’t, because they’re not the reason I want a #31 Canucks jersey. Here’s my top 5 reasons to love Eddie Lack.

#1 He’s A Giant

As a rather short person I have often wondered what life would be like always looking at the top of people’s heads or having to remember to duck when you go through doorways. Eddie Lack doesn’t have to wonder because at 194cm he is the tallest Canuck on the roster. If I saw him in a supermarket I’d ask him to reach the top shelf for me, but if your name is Henrik Sedin he’s useful to have around to move the netting, so you can flip a puck to a child during warm ups. Nice guys, the Swedish.


#2 #goalieunion

As well as backing up Roberto Luongo on the ice, Eddie is backing him up in being awesome at twitter. Every time our two goalies interact I cry with laughter. The ongoing saga of Eddie trying to have dinner with Lu is brilliant.

He let us know on Youtube that he’d been turned down three times so far


In happy news, Luongo eventually said yes

It’s nice to see that Torts’ famous hatred of twitter hasn’t stopped our goalies from letting us know “I’m here doing this.”

This is another of my favourite #goalieunion moments.


#3 He’s Un-unlikeable

It took Eddie a comically long time to get verified on twitter

Now that his replies are hidden an extra click away. If you ever check them out you’ll see that he interacts a lot with people who tweet him. Taking the time to respond to fans is a rare trait amongst professional sports people, so I declare Eddie the winner of twitter. Show me someone who says they hate Eddie Lack and I’ll show you a liar. Even people who hate the Canucks also like Eddie. It’s impossible not to like someone THAT smiley. It’s science or something.


#4 Bork Bork Bork

There’s an actual Muppet on the back of Eddie’s mask and anyone who likes the Swedish Chef that much is an automatic winner.


#5 #blametanev

No one loves Chris Tanev like Eddie Lack loves Chris Tanev.


When Tanev scored his first NHL goal in February Eddie’s life was ruined

Just like kids who are mean to the ones they like in the playground, the truth eventually came out


Eddie was so excited when the Canucks re-signed Tanev for this season, that he momentarily forgot how to use English.

Personally I’m going to #blameTanev for the fact that Eddie hasn’t used his instagram in over a year. As noted above he seems to be trying very hard to forge a bromance with Luongo at the moment, but you can’t beat the original. From AHL to NHL, it’s going strong. I like it.

So keep on tweeting Eddie, it’s giving us the evidence of just how many ways you’re awesome.


Image: Gerry Thomas/NHLi via Getty Images via



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  • Jenny

    Maybe its time I reactivated by twitter account.

  • Betty Henderson

    Eddie couldn’t be more endearing IF he tried! For gosh sake’s , i love the guy! Perfect Foil for Lu. You can’t make stuff like this up , But those two can !