Is the Dale Weise trade a warning shot before the decimation?

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

I don’t know about you guys, but three shots on goal being one goal down in the final period against Detroit is not just good enough, but a huge indicator of massive problems in the club.

It Torts’ post game interview, I have never seen him let alone a coach look so defeated. Team 1040 took it as a public plea for the GM to make some changes.


Personally, I think and obviously speculate that the major changes are under way.

Torts’ suspension would have been a great indicator whether the coach was the problem. But nothing changed, in fact I think we got slightly worse.

I still firmly believe that we have been on the slide since out game 7 defeat. Mentally I think our top guys have decayed ever since. I think Henrik is now tired of the weight of the captaincy and the Luongo/Schneider has left scars.

I hope for a spark, something to set the guy off, but when the best player tonight (in the coaches opinion ) was David Booth, I all but give up hope for a cup with the current team.

Don Cherry Canucks

Grapes’ face when Don Cherry predicted the Canucks will be in the Finals.

“What about all the no trade clauses?” I hear you ask. Yes what about them, sure Gillis stitched the team up tight over the years, but if we’ve learnt anything from the Luongo fiasco last year, it should be that any contract is up for sale  Luongo could be moved for the right price to a team of his choice, despite the contract. It was explored.

Could the unthinkable happen? Could Torts get jack of it after year one? How much can he take? Does he see it as a challenge or is he thinking of his options as well.

All I hope is that something happens to those who are not performing. I don;t want to see the young bucks who are working very hard and showing signs of brilliance to be flung off instead.

However, it is hockey and we may just miraculously turn around and take the cup (as per Don Cherry’s prediction). Stranger things have happened.

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