Listen to the Canucks

How to listen to the Vancouver Canucks

As much as we love the Vancouver Canucks, sometimes all we can manage is to listen to radio coverage.

Below are some ways you can catch the game even if you are no where near the game.


These methods stream a feed via the Internet. This is incredibly heavy on your data quota if you have one. It is best to keep an eye on how much data you use whether you use wi-fi, mobile phone 3G/4G data plan etc. We are not responsible for the charges you may occur if you exceed your data limit.

TEAM 1040

TEAM 1040 iPhone App

TEAM 1040, the home of the Vancouver Canucks and every other Vancouver team.

TEAM 1040 allows you to listen via their website or you can use their very handy iPhone, Android and Blackberry app, Search for Bell Media in the iTunes store, Android Market or Blackberry App World.

The Bell Media app gives you access to all the radio stations in the Bell Media Group. You can then listen to games from all around Canada.

For other ways to listen to Team 1040 go to their connect page


NHL Gamecenter


This is how you can listen to the games if you are an NHL Gamecenter subscriber, using an iPhone.Just select your game and you will see the following screen: and now select if you want the home or away radio feed. It will start streaming.

Game screen in NHL Gamecenter on iPhone

Selecting Home or Away Radio NHL feed on iPhone