How to Watch the NHL in Australia

How to watch the NHL in Australia

It is not as difficult as you think to watch the NHL in Australia. You don’t have to wait for the handful of games your pay TV provider may broadcast and you don’t have to pay the costs either.Here are the ways you can watch the Canucks.


These methods stream a feed via the Internet. This is incredibly heavy of your data quota if you have one. It is best to keep an eye on how much data you use, whether you use wi-fi, mobile phone 3G/4G data plan etc. We are not responsible for the charges you may occur if you exceed your data limit.

NHL Gamecenter

NHL Gamecenter is all a Canucks and hockey fan could ask for. We were hesitant at first but once we bit the bullet and subscribed, we were amazed.

You can subscribe to NHL Gamecenter here. It includes all playoff games as well.

Apple TV

Apple_TV_2nd_GenerationThe best way to watch Gamecenter in Australia is via Apple TV. Apple TV has the Gamecenter app, which teamed with your Gamecenter subscription can deliver Hockey in HD to your TV.

It does stream when live, so live depends on your internet connection. The app has nightly highlights of all games and two seasons of archived games up to the current day.

We recommend using a network cable from your router with the Apple TV.  Even though we had a 19mbps connection, we found it rarely dropped out of HD and we had a lot less problems than if we streamed via Wi-Fi.

Sony Playstation and XBox

Gamecenter is also available on Sony Playstation, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The app is also on Sony smart TV’s.

Apple iOS

The NHL app streams the Gamecenter feed if you are subscribed. This means you can stream the game on your iPhone and iPad. Look for it in the app store


The NHL app is also on Android. Same deal with the iOS app. Unfortunately there is no Chromecast support yet because NHL…


Fox Sports regularly broadcast the NHL, however you are totally dependent on what they chose to be their game of the week. They also have a habit of changing the scheduled game at the last minute. They do do good playoffs coverage however. For your sanity though, we do not recommend Foxtel unless you have NHL Gamecenter as a backup.

Community Meetups

There are many meetups in pubs around the nation. The ones we are well aware of are the crews are Hockey Night in Sydney and Hockey Night in Melbourne. With all the options above though, you can easily get some buddies around and hold your own hockey night.

Hockey Night in Canada in Australia

Hockey Night in Canada in Australia