Get a taste of home with these Canadian and North American Restaurants in Melbourne.


Kodiak Club

The only Kodiak you’ll ever want to walk into.

This fantastic Canadian Restaurant/Bar does Poutine, Wings, Ribs, Burgers and what the hey? Did you say A&W Root Beer float?

Yes. They did, and i’ll wash that down with a Caesar.

F$%ken eh man!

Chill On – Ice Lounge & Ski Lodge

Situated in the Southgate Complex on Southbank, Melbourne, Chill On has a slight Canadian flavour to it.

Their menu has a few Canadian favourites, Poutine and Pierogi’s.

It is also the perfect place for a Canuck to feel at home, especially when the Aussie heat gets a bit too much.


TGI Fridays

Miss the North American restaurant style of very cheery ‘ookie dokily doo’ style staff and booths? Then TGI’s is your place. With a few locations around Melbourne, it’s the closest I’ve come to thinking I was back in BC. The only thing missing was TSN on a TV in the corner and a Molson Canadian in my hand.


Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries was created by a Canadian. Whilist the menu is vegetarian, it will surprise you by you not even noticing. However the real reason you go to Lord of the Fries is for the Poutine.

Go and get a box of the Fries and ask for ‘The French Canadian’.


Big Boy BBQ

Once again, not strictly Canadian, but does do all the pulled pork and beef brisket you remember. It is Texan BBQ style and well worth a try.


Misty’s Diner

Misty’s is well known by Melburnians.¬†While it is more American than Canadian, you can certainly get your fill of North American ‘style’ food. Be warned though, it’s 50’s style diner bright. Go with sunglasses.


Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven

Their burgers are as cheezy as the establishment name, and that’s a good thing if you want a mean American style burger.


Soda Rock

Whaddya know? It’s another American Style Diner in¬†Melbourne. Lucky for you, they make some mean burgers and Chilli Dogs.